A small collection of ideas, photographs, models, sketches, and general quirks from work in my studio.


November 2016

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Book by Arthur Laurents

Conceptual Project
2017 Finalist for the Opera America Robert L.B. Tobin Director/Designer Showcase

Directed by Machel Ross
Choreography by Javi Perez
Lighting by Kelley Shih

This production of West Side Story re-stages the action in a 2017 America, on the cusp of drastic change in our socio-political fabric. 

Using Bernstein's lush score, the beauty of this powerful love story comes to the forefront, against a backdrop of feuding families, deep racial tensions and a bond that transcends skin color and ethnicity. 

Cold and Unforgiving concrete structures provide a blank canvas onto which the story plays, using otherwise banal elements to gently indicate changes in space and underline a social fragility, on the brink of explosion.

1/2" Scale Model
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