Written by Katori Hall
Regional Premiere
Kitchen Theatre, 2015

Produced by Kitchen Theatre Company (Rachel Lampert, Artistic Director)

Directed by Nicole A. Watson
Dramaturgy by Evie Hammer-Lester
Scenery by Frank J. Oliva
Clothes by Lisa L. Boquist
Lights by Nik Robalino
Sound by Lesley Greene
Video by Brad Peterson
Props by Chloe Kirkwood

Photographs by George Kannon & Fatima Sowe

"Set designer Frank Oliva delivers a pitch-perfect rendering of the fateful room, down to the mussed peach coverlets and dingy beige walls. The rooms main door opens onto the mod blue-green balcony railing that many will remember from photographs of the scene of King's death.
The set is at once a museum-exhibit and, with the arrival of Camae, a playground..."
- Erin Stoneking, Tompkins Weekly

"The Kitchen Theatre's current production is easily a three-alarm firm of theatre genius under the careful ministrations of director Nicole A. Watson, actors Landon G. Woodson and Angel Moore along with a top-notch design team.
...set designer Frank Oliva provides surprises that unanchor us in time...transformation rules this play..."
- Ross Haarstad,

"a display of brilliance...profoundly sobering and yet promisingly optimistic...powerfully cultivated..."
- Nick Swan, The Cornell Daily Sun